Monday, March 14, 2016

Life Changes In Just a Year.

It has been nearly a year since I've last blogged.

On April 1, 2015, right after my last post, Katie hurt her knee (Mr. C and Bren were in Arizona playing golf when it happened). We went through a few months of PT, crutches, etc. and thought all was well, but we were wrong. We went back to the doctor in July, were referred to Children's Hospital in Denver, and ultimately ended up in surgery on October 15. She recovered, but then began to display symptoms of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Blood work keeps coming back normal, but she is still having symptoms.

She is thriving and doing well in school. She has grown so much this past year, both physically and emotionally. I amazed by her strength and positive attitude.

Brendan is doing well. He turned 16 in December, which means he is driving. This is both a blessing and a curse. His golf game is excellent, and school is going well. We are so proud of him, and how strong he is. He has dealt with some unkind and unscrupulous people in golf. It has been a learning experience for him, and has made him stronger. I just keep telling him that he is learning how NOT to treat people.

My beloved little Sadie Pug passed away in August. She began getting sick in the summer, and I finally took her to the doctor at the beginning of August, only to discover she had cancer in her throat. She lasted a couple more weeks, and passed away at the age of 12. My heart was shattered. We found another little Pug a month or so later. He was at a rescue in Denver, and they bent all of their rules to get him to us. We named him Oliver (Ollie). He is approximately 5 years old, and oh, how I adore him. Bella really missed Sadie, and was happy to have another little smushy-faced playmate in the house.

Probably the biggest change in my life is that I went back to work. I love it. My office is in the library, so I get to go there every day, which is awesome! I have really enjoyed being back on a schedule and in a routine. The family has had to adjust, but so far things are going well, and the kids have been real troopers. I work with the BEST people, and just feel so blessed to be there.

I will update more soon! Things are going to be busy the next couple of weeks, but I promise I will be back.