Sunday, October 05, 2014

Spring, Summer, and Fall

October came from out of nowhere.

I spent the summer rehabbing my back. It has been a longer recovery than I ever anticipated. I am doing much better, except for the muscle spasms. They have become much less frequent, and I mainly only have issues when I lay down or try to get up. If I am up and moving, I am fine.

August was a rough month for me. My father was diagnosed with cancer. Due to some confusion over treatment facilities, doctors, etc., he didn't get a clear treatment plan until last week, but it is one he is comfortable with, so I'm grateful for that. He will be undergoing 8 weeks of radiation, beginning at the end of October.

For someone who craves routine, security, and calm, this news really shook me to the core. I've felt somewhat adrift lately. I loathe that feeling. In addition, Mr. C has been dealing with some stressful projects/clients/contractors at work, and has been gone a lot.

This news has also caused me to struggle with religion. Not my FAITH - my religion. I converted to Mr. C's church after we married. After all he had done for me and the boys, it was really the only thing he requested of me. But this has been an ongoing issue for me - it is not easy to make a change like that. I've thought of returning to my church several times through the years, but every time I'd bring it up, Mr. Cwould become upset. After my father's diagnosis, I once again began to feel the pull to return to my former religion. Mr. C has been gone so much, and when he has been home he has been stressed, so I haven't been able to talk with him until last night. I was afraid he'd be upset with me, but he wasn't. It is amazing how much we grow and change through the years, isn't it? It still isn't an option for me, but at least he was able to talk with me about everything, and was very supportive. Somehow we always manage to come to a compromise on this issue.

And to top everything off, the kidlets went back to school at the end of August. Those who know me well, know this is always a sad time for me. I wish I could homeschool. Mr. C says he loves me very much, but patience is not my gift, so homeschooling would be frustrating for all of us. They are both doing well in their classes, and Brendan had adjusted easily to High School.

With the return of school, came the opportunity for Bren to join the HS golf team. He did quite well, and will receive his Varsity letter this Wednesday evening. He played in a couple of JV tournaments, and three varsity tournaments. He improved so much this summer! Now he just needs to gain some muscle weight, and he'll be able to drive it further, which will help his scores even more. One of the senior teammates is going to start a weight program with Bren during the offseason so he will be ready for spring golf. All in all, it was a wonderful experience for him. The older kids were wonderful with him, and really made him feel comfortable. Bren has been trying out new clubs for months, and found a set yesterday. It will possibly be a Christmas gift - boy are clubs pricey! He wants Titleist AP2. Ouch. It is times like this that I wish I was still working. That 2nd income would come in handy right now. :)

Katie decided to run for Student Council this year. At our school, they only allow 4-6 grades to participate, so this was her first year of eligibility. She ran a great campaign, and was not only elected to represent her classroom, but she was also voted in to be the Secretary of the Student Council! She amazes us with her drive and confidence. Neither of us knows where she got it, but we're grateful she is such a joyful girl.

Our 20th Anniversary is next month. We decided that sometime in the next year or so, we're going to renew our vows. Actually, Katie decided it for us. She was looking through our wedding album, and noticed Marc and Sean were there, but she and Brendan were excluded. Even the fact that they hadn't been born didn't comfort her. She felt it was unfair, so she and Mr. C came up with the idea of us renewing our vows so the two younger kids can share in the joy. So....I'm trying to work out and lose weight so Katie can help me select a gown (she has appointed herself "wedding planner"). Mr. C and I have been looking at new rings, and I believe we found some we love. We just now need to pin down a date, and decide where we'd like this to happen. We're debating between Cheyenne and Santa Barbara. I'd love to do it on the beach in Santa Barbara, but getting everyone there may be an issue. If it proves difficult, we'll just do it here in town.

And that is pretty much the summary of the past 3-1/2 months. Life is good. We've been blessed. And we're grateful.