Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Getting Back to Normal

Get it? "Back" to normal? Heh. Sorry.

Just wanted to give an update. The back is still having a lot of spasms, and I found out this could last for quite some time. I try to get all of the important things done in the morning, so I can take a muscle relaxer in the afternoon (when it really gets bad). The pre-surgery pain is gone, except for the spasms, so this is a major improvement. I still can't do much around the house, so the rest of the family is picking up the slack.

The kids are busy. Bren hits the golf course every single day. He likes to get there early and stay until they kick him out so they can close. He has found his passion. He shot an 82 a couple of weeks ago. He is hoping to continue improving throughout the summer.

Katie spent the first two weeks of summer in Religious Ed classes. She is now participating in swim team and golf. She wanted to do tennis again this summer, but we couldn't get the schedule worked out to fit it all in. I think I'm going to put her in the City's tennis program this winter. It will keep her active, and give her the chance to play and prep for next summer.

Mr. C is busy at work. This seems like a broken record, doesn't it? I'm just grateful he is less busy than he was last year at this time, and the year before at this time... He is running when he gets a chance. He takes Bella when he can, but she really got out of shape this past winter, so he takes her for a run, brings her home, then goes back out to finish up. She loves to go, and her endurance is increasing all the time.

Brendan leaves for a week-long faith-building retreat at Notre Dame next weekend. He is so excited to go. He loves ND and has aspirations of attending school there. But his parents have aspirations of retiring at some point in our lives, so this isn't an option for him.

I still need to post pics of Brendan's 8th Grade Promotion dance. He had a wonderful evening, and he looked incredibly handsome in his tux. I am hoping to get some pics posted to my FB page this week.

Have a blessed week! I will be back again soon.

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