Tuesday, June 11, 2013

1st Day of Summer

Wow. I just looked at the last post I wrote - three months ago! What happened? I have no idea where the time went.

Well, I do. Life. We were living life. Crazy, busy, stressful, wonderful life.

We also got a dog.She was a rescue dog. Her name is Bella and I love her more than I love my kids. Not really. Maybe. Well, almost.

Bella (she was already named) is a Border Collie / Lab mix, although several people have told me she is a Flat Coat Retriever. I am not a dog expert. All I know is she has black hair, weighs 50 lbs., and is of the canine species. She loves me more than anyone else, which is why she eats only my shoes (6 prs. so far). I take her out running at the dog park every morning, which has helped with her energy level, and assists with her making good little doggie decisions at home for the rest of the day. Some of you may be shocked that we have a new furry family member. Mr. C has long maintained that we could get a dog "over his dead body". I'm so happy he is still around to enjoy Miss Bella. She loves to catch, fetch, shake, give high-5's, lay down, chew (usually on a hoof or a raw hide), and be cuddled (but she only likes cuddling in the mornings when she is lazy and tired). She also enjoys herding Katie in the back yard, chasing birds and grasshoppers at the dog park, and splashing in any available water.

The kidlets went to their last day of school yesterday. It was a half-day, and a total waste of everyone's time. They didn't do a thing except sign autographs, play, clean, etc. I'm glad the school year is over. We were all getting run down and tired of it.

We held Katie's Birthday party last night. Those of you who know her Birthday was in March will be confused. It was like this: she wanted to have an outside pool party for her Birthday, and it is too freaking cold for that in Wyoming until summer (we had two blizzards in May!). Usually she is more of an "instant gratification" type of girl, but I was proud of her for delaying the fun for three months.

Which brings us to today. Our first day of summer break. Usually my favorite day of the year! Guess what! It sucked! I can't even tell you exactly why, it just did. Mr. C is working a lot (don't I always say this?), so I'm not getting much sleep. The month of June is going to be brutal for him. Lots of deadlines and stress. I am praying July will be better, but I'm not holding out much hope. So, I began the day tired, because I don't sleep well when he is working long hours. I hit snooze until 7:30 this morning, then was scrambling to get everyone out the door. Mr. C had work. Bren had golf at 9. Katie had Religious Ed at 9, then golf at 11.

So, my day went like this: Get Mr. C out the door. Get kids ready and out the door by 8:30. Take Bren to golf. Take Katie across town to the church. Take Bella north to the dog park to run. Come home and shower. Pick Katie up at 10:40 and deliver her to the golf course. Bren was supposed to be waiting for her at noon to play a couple of holes of golf, then I was supposed to pick them up for lunch and room cleaning. Well, fortunately, I had a feeling I should wait for Katie, so I spent a delightful hour catching up with one of my sweet friends whilst our children had their lesson. Brendan never showed up (he was out on the course golfing). So I took Katie home for lunch, then had to go back to get Brendan 45 minutes later. He ate lunch, then they both cleaned their rooms, then I had to take them back to the pool (because it was 96 degrees!), then I ran two errands. I came home with major plans to get some stuff done, then Brendan called and wanted to be picked up. Apparently Katie was being mean to him so he wanted to leave the pool. This meant Katie also had to leave the pool. That was not a popular plan with Katie, and she apparently became upset. I got them home, cooled her off (literally and figuratively), and thought I could maybe get a couple of things done. No. Katie wanted the day care kids from next door to come play, and the little darlings went into the back yard and opened the gate, but forgot to shut it. When we let Miss Bella outside, she got out, and she had a blast frolicking through the neighborhood before we realized she was out. We got her back in, and I gave up with trying to get anything done.

So it is now 6:00 at night, and I haven't accomplished anything I needed to, and I am worn out from being hot and tired. I figured while I am sitting here being all grumpy, I might as well write a post for my sorely neglected blog.

I am hoping tomorrow is better (and cooler). Did I mention it was 96 degrees today? 96! We live in Wyoming and have NO AIR CONDITIONING! My house is a balmy 85 degrees right at this moment. The only thing saving us right now is that fabulous Wyoming wind. It is blowing from the west at 12 mph, but gusting a bit higher. I also think we'll be eating out tonight, as I have no desire to turn on the stove or oven and heat up my house any further.

On a happy note: We signed up for the summer reading program at The Laramie County Library. I have read 5 of my 25 books already. Katie has read for 7 of her 25 hours, and Brendan has read 8 of his 25 hours. They love doing the reading program. It is always a fun activity for us to share during the summertime. Mr. C signed up once, but didn't finish anything. He doesn't read for enjoyment very often. I think it is because he is always working and doesn't have the time. Maybe when he retires he'll be able to read more often.

So, our summer schedule has begun: lots of golf, pool days, and grilling outside. I love summertime in Wyoming. We have beautiful summers and falls here. The evenings are especially gorgeous, with brilliant colorful sunsets, and temps that are "just right" for sitting on the patio.

Happy Summer!


Dsherm1 said...

Hey Marti, Bella does look similar to a Flatcoat. Jeff's aunt raises Flatcoats, they are high dollar dogs but oh so sweet and smart. I'd love to have one but the pups are around $3000...a little too much for my pocketbook.

Marti Cobb said...

No kidding, Debbie? We got a bargain then! LOL. Although, after factoring in all of the shoes she has eaten, we may be close to the $3k. LOL.