Saturday, December 22, 2012


Merry Christmas!!!!
We hope you are yours are doing well during this blessed time of year.
We've been busy enjoying December.
So I have failed to blog.

Brendan turned 13 on the 13th!
Hard to believe he is a teenager.
He celebrated by taking three of his buddies to the movie theater
to watch The Hobbit.

We prepped for Christmas.

I was finally able to go out in public again.
My case of shingles healed up just in time.

Here are a few pics to catch you up!

We decorated our tree.
This is one of only two pics of Brendan.
He runs when I pull out the camera these days.
I think it is from all of the years I forced him to be my model.

Katie saw Santa and gave him her list:
(she is a budding musician, you know)
Wrap Star Microphone
(because her voice doesn't carry well enough on its own)
Barbie Case
(because she is a girlie-girl)
In our family, the kids are allowed to ask for three gifts.
Because that is how many Jesus was given to celebrate his birth.
They don't deserve more for HIS birthday than HE got, right?

The highlight so far was 
Katie's First Holy Communion.
She looked beautiful.
We are so proud of her for taking this important step in her faith walk.

And one last photo of the two of them together after Communion.
When did my babies decide to grow up?