Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This month has flown by with lightning speed. I am amazed at how quickly each day passes. So much has happened in November, but it all seems like a blur.

We began the month with a weekend in Denver with the kidlets. Mr. C had been working very long hours again, so he hadn't spent much time with us. I had planned a scrapbooking day with the Denver girls that Saturday, so we decided to stay for the weekend and pack in some fun. Our trip began with Benihana on Friday night. The kidlets LOVE Benihana. Katie knows the chefs' entire routine at this point, so I'm thinking we need to change things up for a while. We checked into the hotel, they swam, we watched TV, and just enjoyed being together. The next morning, they dropped me off at Archiver's, then they began their day of activities. They hit The American Girl Store first. Katie's doll (Kanani) was in need of a new hair-do. Then they hit the LEGO store, then the PGA Supestore. From there, they went to the Museum of Nature and Science, then picked me up for dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. Brendan loves crab legs. Katie just loves the atmosphere there. I went back to Archiver's, and they went to see Wreck-It Ralph at the theater. It was a fun day for everyone. Sunday morning we headed to the downtown area. We always go to the Tattered Cover Bookstore (our favorite), then we had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Bren had been begging us to take him to 1-Up forever so we went there next. It is a bar/arcade with throwback video games from the 80s. I managed to thoroughly impress my son with my mad Pac-Man skillz. We left and went to Centerra for some shopping and PF Changs before heading home. We arrived in Cheyenne tired and happy.

I found a great part-time job and began on Nov. 5 (also our 18th Wedding Anniversary). Unfortunately, I came down with Strep Throat (the kids had both had it the previous week) and was not given the correct antibiotic, so it came back on me the following week, along with some new and troubling symptoms. I was incredibly sick, but was still going to work until that Friday when my temp hit 103. I had a pounding headache that was actually taking my vision away. This lasted several days (and 4 doctor visits) before they finally figured out that I had a severe case of shingles. Because the rash was located at the base of my spinal cord, it was causing some neurological problems. I was unable to work (I am still quarantined at home due to this being so contagious), so the company decided they needed to let me go and find someone who could be there every day. I don't blame them. An assistant to the CFO who can't come in and assist is not very useful. I remain confident that the right opportunity will come along. This obviously wasn't it. I am told the rash could last anywhere from 2 weeks to a few months, and I am contagious as long as the rash is visible, so I may be in hibernation-mode for a while. The doctor thinks that the untreated strep triggered the shingles because my body had been under so much stress from the kidney issues this year.

Our Thanksgiving was quiet, but wonderful. We couldn't go out so I cooked and we enjoyed the parade, and lots of football! The older boys were unable to make the trip here so it was just the four of us this year.

Marc will be graduating from college next month!!!! He is finishing up his senior course-work for his degree in Wildlife Biology / Fisheries, and should be done around mid-December. I am so proud of him and how he has stuck with this. It wasn't an easy road for him, but he got through it. He is still trying to figure out what he'll do next (work, grad-school, etc.).

Sean is doing well, and Landry is growing like crazy. Sean is still working at the mine in Kemmerer, which he really enjoys. He works out constantly still, and is easily the biggest one in our family. :)

Katie found out she will have a solo at the Christmas program at school this year. She is very excited. I am just praying I can attend the concert. Her First Communion is also next month. Her gown is beautiful, and she chose a lovely headpiece and veil. I cannot wait to see her in it.

Brendan will attend his Lego Robotics State Tournament this weekend in Casper. Because I can't attend, he will be going up with his friend's family. He is really looking forward to it. They have worked hard on their project this fall.

Mr. C's work schedule has slowed back down a bit. He has been having lots of issues with is right heel since he started training for the half-marathons last year. He went to a specialist in Ft. Collins and was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. He was fitted for custom orthotics, and he is hoping they help solve the problem so he can start running again.

Well, that is our month in a nut-shell. Nothing too thrilling, fortunately. I like when things are nice and quiet.

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