Wednesday, September 12, 2012

(Near) Death by Stoning

I guess that is a bit dramatic, but it sure felt that way. The last time I left you, I was preparing for surgery to blast my ginormous kidney stone into little pieces. Well, surgery went as planned on August 29th, and I arrived home that evening sore and tired, but glad to have it behind me. I did well on Thursday, and felt pretty good Friday morning. I even got up, took a shower, and SHAVED MY LEGS (definitely a sign I was feeling a bit improved). I got back into bed and watched my very favorite movie (Sabrina starring Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond, and Greg Kinnear - best movie ever!). When the movie finished, I decided I needed a nap and went to sleep.

At 12:30, Mr. C came home to check on me, but I told him to go get lunch and I just wanted to sleep for a while longer. He left. Twenty minutes later, I was dreaming I was talking to him, and that I doubled over in pain and couldn't breathe...and that is exactly how I woke up a moment later. I. could. not. breathe. The pain was more intense than anything I've ever felt before (this coming from a mother of four, one of which was born sans anesthetic, and two of which were born via c-section). I managed to call Mr. C and I asked him to pick up a sandwich for me so I could take my pain meds. He didn't realize anything was wrong, so he finished lunch, drove through Arby's, drove through the pharmacy to get one of my prescriptions, and came home. He found me in a pool of sweat, curled up in the fetal position, unable to breathe because of the pain.

He quickly called my doctor, who instructed him to take me to the hospital for x-rays ASAP, then to take the films up to his office. Our neighbor had to help him get me to the car, and I was placed in a wheelchair at the hospital, taken for x-rays, to the office, where it was determined I had either a stone or blood clot lodged. The Dr. told me that I needed to go the hospital for a while (to ME than meant "a couple of hours", to HIM it meant overnight). I was taken up to the post-op floor, and I informed the nurse that I have bad veins (my exact words were, "they're small, they're deep, and they roll"). Unfortunately, he took that as a challenge. After blowing two of my veins, he finally got the IV team in there. They placed a small IV in one arm, but decided to add a 2nd port in my other arm in case I needed to go back into surgery (which at this point was a strong possibility). I make this process sound quick, don't be fooled - it was almost 5 hours before I finally got some pain meds in my system. I am allergic to demerol and morphine, so they were having difficulty deciding on a safe pain reliever. I barely remember anything during this time, but Mr. C assures me I was writhing in pain the entire afternoon.

The pain was a bit less in the middle of the night, and significantly less the next day, so I was allowed to go home to await the culprit. Mr. C had come to the hospital around noon, and brought the kids, my favorite movie (Sabrina), and Katie brought my roll to put my hair in a bun so I'd look nice. LOL. We loaded up the kids, movie, and my pretty hair into the car to go home late that afternoon, and a couple hours after I arrived home, the stone made its appearance. Stone isn't the correct actually looked like a THORN! 

I was pretty worn out all weekend, and mainly slept and laid around in a drugged-up stupor. I went in for my post-op on Thursday, where I was informed my stones are Calcium-Oxalate stones. I have been placed on a water pill (to keep the kidney constantly flushing itself), a low-oxalate diet (which basically means I can't eat anything: tea, chocolate, nuts or nut butters, spinach, chocolate, potatoes, beans, peppers, whole wheat...), and they told me I have to drink 3 liters of water/day. 

The new changes are no fun, but it is far better than having any more stones in my lifetime (this had better work). I was feeling a bit better on Friday, then woke up feeling awful on Saturday. I wasn't better Sunday, and I had a fever. Mr. C told me I'd been moaning in pain in my sleep for the past couple of nights. I called the doctor, and it was determined I had a kidney infection. I have the BEST luck in the world, I swear. 

I've been on antibiotics since Sunday evening, and today is the first day I've awakened in the morning feeling somewhat rested. I am hoping this is the last of the kidney issues. Six months is long enough. I am ready to get on with my life again. I miss walking / working out. I miss taking care of my family. I miss scrapbooking. I miss everything. 

On a positive note: the kids are doing well in school! Brendan loves junior high. He is on the Cross-Country team, and has been doing well with it. Katie thinks 2nd grade is awesome. I am so proud of them both. They have been such a help to me, and so understanding of the situation. 

Marc arrived home from Alaska! He should graduate in December with a Bachelor's Degree in Wildlife Biology / Fisheries. I am so proud of him!

Sean continues to be the BEST dad to Landry. He enjoys his job at the mine, and gets Landry on his days off. He turns 26 on Saturday. Where has the time gone?

I am hoping to get back to a regular blogging schedule soon. Have a great week!