Thursday, May 03, 2012

Keeping It All In Focus

We got a letter from the school nurse on Saturday. Katie had failed not one, but TWO, eye exams at school. Seeing how the Mr. was nearly blind before his LASIK procedure, we knew that we had an issue. ("Seeing" - get it? - Heh).

I called Monday morning and was able to schedule an appointment for Katie on Wednesday morning. I took her in and she does, indeed, need glasses. Not just readers. Glasses for all the time. Every day. She is nearsighted and has astigmatism, plus some muscle problems that cause her eyes to wander out at times. The doctor indicated that 1/3 of the time, the muscle issue improves, 1/3 of the time it stays the same, and 1/3 of the time it gets worse. If it gets worse, we will have to take her to Denver for surgical evaluation.

Katie took it all like the trooper that she is - happy and with a great attitude. She tried on about 1,587 pairs of glasses before selecting her favorites:

Laura Ashley frames that are black on the outside, and hot pink on the inside. They also have little flowers with diamonds on the sides. She looks so grown up.

Mr. C is pretty upset. He feels bad that she got his eyes. He feels bad that his sweet baby girl has to wear glasses for the rest of her life. And he feels bad that she may need surgery. I reminded him that we need to keep things in perspective: It isn't life-threatening. She is a happy healthy girl. Glasses are NOTHING in the scheme of things. We need to remember to keep it all in focus and know that even if she does need surgery, this is minor compared to what so many other parents face.

Besides, I think she looks awfully cute and VERY smart.

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