Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Don't you just love mornings when you CAN sleep-in, but end up waking at 6 am anyway? Ugh. When that happens, I usually just get out of bed so I don't wake up Mr. C. I tend to toss and turn when I am trying to get back to sleep like that, and it never fails to wake the poor guy up. He worked until 4 am Wednesday night/Thursday morning so he has been exhausted.

I would go in and work on some scrapbooking projects, but I don't want to wake the kidlets. Brendan's room is directly below my little studio, and Katie's room is across the hall from it. Cocoa Daisy is doing an online crop this weekend and I am attempting to play along. I have a few friends who design for them, but I haven't spent much time on their message boards. The ladies seem like a fun bunch so I am excited to have a weekend to crop at home, yet with friends. ;)  I have purchased one of their kits before and LOVED it, so I just signed up for a 6-mo. subscription. Go check them out!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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