Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Photo by Michael Dales

Life has been a bit crazy lately.
I realized tonight that I have only been posting "fluff".
I have good reason.
I've had to cocoon for a while.
Hibernate, if you will.
Get rid of some dead weight
(literally and figuratively)
so I could focus on what
and who
is important.
Cocooning isn't always easy.
It is dark and tight and quiet.

Changing and transforming are hard work.
Even if we are just changing and transforming into
who we already were. 
You know, deep down.
In those dark, tucked away corners of ourselves.

So I stepped back a bit.
Kept my New Year's Goal of posting at least once per week.
I actually have updated a few times each week.
It is amazing how much easier it is to post
when I'm not really sharing my heart.
It took very little time.

However, I am going to start inching back.
Come out of my little safe haven.
Take baby steps.
Find my voice again.
It is time to 

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