Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Apparently I'm Short!

Who knew? Right?

Mr. C and I were watching the Red-Carpet coverage of the Oscars on Sunday.
There was a segment with 4 women.

One was much shorter than the rest.

She commented on her height at one point,
which was the exact same as mine.

I looked at Mr. C and exclaimed that she looks much shorter than me.
I then commented that I don't look that much shorter than everyone else around me
(unlike her who seemed almost child-sized).

He looked at me, smirked, then quickly looked away. . .
and refused to make eye-contact again.

He replied,
"Do you remember how my mom would always comment about how 
OLD her friends were looking?
And how she didn't see that she, too, looked old?".

I told him I did remember that.
He then said,

"Well, this is kinda the same thing."



Anonymous said...

Soooo, how TALL are you??

Marti's World said...

I am 5'2", unless I'm in heels or am wearing my hair "big". ;)