Saturday, January 07, 2012

2012 Goals

I think the word 
has a negative feel to it.

I like the word 
a bit better.

These are three of my goals for the coming year:

Run 500 miles before January 1, 2013.
Be more kind and understanding of others.
Update my blog at least once each week.

The first one should be do-able.
Mr. C and I have signed ourselves up for another half-marathon.
Training will begin next week so I don't tear my feet up like I did in November.
Two of my toenails are STILL trying to grow back.

The second one shouldn't be too difficult. I am not a mean or cruel person, but I tend to have a low tolerance for negative people, those who consistently make bad decisions, and people who lie.
I need to try to have more patience in these situations.
My goal is to work on it, I'm not aiming for absolute perfection here. ;)

The third goal hasn't been broken yet.
Notice that today is still technically the first week of the new year.
Yay, me!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's.
I've been fighting another bout of strep throat this week
(hence the lack of blogging so far this year).

Right before Christmas, I received an e-mail from one of my favorite
scrapbooking magazines.
A few weeks earlier I had submitted a photo for one of their publication calls.
They chose it!
It will be published this summer.
It is a "photo", not a layout, but its a start!
Merry Christmas, Marti. ;)


Emily Pitts said...

very good goals, i hadn't even thought of specifying a distance to run in a year. i like that :) and on updating the blog, when you're done on your's, you can head over to mine and update it next. i'm so bad.

Marti's World said...

I find that I do better with something I can control - like mileage - rather than "lose weight". Same result (hopefully), but I'm focused more on fitness rather than a number on the scale. And with the training for the race in May, I shouldn't have to push super hard at the end of the year to achieve it. LOL. Your blog is always fab! I didn't even log into mine during the entire month of December. :)

Elizabeth said...

500 miles! Awesome. I was really only serious about running between June-mid-November in 2011 and I managed 160 or so--I'm going to have to start from scratch again though because December did me in and I've had this terrible cough since Dec 23. Walking up the stairs too fast still gives me a coughing fit so running's been off the table :P Hopefully next week I can start again! The difference between this year and last is this year I *know* it's possible for me to run because I've done it! : ) Go you! Let's try to do a 5K together sometime in 2012!

Marti's World said...

That would be awesome, Elizabeth!!! And I should've typed "run/walk" 500 miles. I don't run as much as I walk (not even close). I hope your cough goes away soon. It is impossible to walk OR run when you can't breathe. Let's find a 5k and sign up this spring.