Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Rough Day

I'm supposed to be packing for our getaway to Santa Barbara, but I'm not sure I'm going yet. Katie woke up with the stomach flu at 1:00 this morning and I've been doing nothing but steam-cleaning my floors and washing towels. Ick. I am praying it is the 24-hour bug and not something more severe. If she isn't better, I will try to reschedule my flight for Friday so I can still do the race. If she still isn't better by then, I'll have to cancel my trip completely. I have worked so hard for this and it is so disappointing that the past month I have been sick and couldn't train very much, and now Katie is sick and I might not be able to go.

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Amanda said...

Oh Marti...I'm so sorry. You soooo deserve that vacation! I know you're looking forward to the race, but if it comes to it, hopefully you'll at the very least still be able to get some vacation days without kiddos. :) Hugs!