Thursday, October 27, 2011


On Monday, Katie went to school, then came home to get ready for tap lessons. As we pulled in to the studio, she said her tummy didn't feel well, but insisted she was well enough to stay for dance. I told her if she felt worse to call and I'd come pick her up right away. I left to return some books to the library, then came back to watch her through the observation window. She wasn't visible anywhere. After a few minutes, I poked my head into the room to see where she was and found her sitting in a chair. She didn't feel well at all, so we left to come home. About five minutes after arriving home, she began to scream in pain saying her ear hurt. I put her back into the car and headed to Healthreach to have her checked out. We waited forever (6 pm on a Monday is NOT the time to go there, by the way), but finally made it to an exam room. After a few minutes of sitting there, my poor girl became quite sick to her tummy - everywhere. Not. fun. Although, I think it did speed things up so we were seen a bit more quickly. Verdict: ear infection and strep throat.

The next morning (after getting up with Katie several times throughout the night), I woke up with a headache and sore throat. Mr. C took one look at my throat and sent me directly to Healthreach. Two trips in 18 hours - score! The doctor took one look and diagnosed me with strep, too - she said she didn't even need to swab it because it looked so bad.

Katie has now fully recovered. I am still dragging. Why does it take so much longer to heal when you are an adult? Geez. I have felt like I was run over by a truck for three days now. Mr. C has been a great help - and not nearly as phobic about being around me as he typically is when I'm sick. And he hasn't "lysolled" me once yet - yes, he really did that one time. I was sick with bronchitis and fell asleep. I was awakened about an hour later gasping for air and found myself sitting in a cloud with my handsome groom standing over me holding a can of Lysol. True. story. I think I've forgiven him for that one. Maybe. But if he does it again, he is toast.

Now, I do not have time to be sick. I am training for my half-marathon (which is a mere two weeks away). I am not really on-schedule in my training, but I'm determined to do my best and just cross the finish line. I became much more excited about finishing after I found out that when you complete the race, you are given a gorgeous medal to wear on your neck. How cool is that? I may never take mine off. My thought is that rappers wear big old necklaces, why can't I?

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