Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blingy Girl

Katie has been begging us to allow her to pierce her ears.
After several months of putting her off, we decided to use this to our advantage.
We made a deal with her:
She keeps her room clean and minds us for two weeks solid
and we would get her ears pierced.
Much to our surprise, she actually did it!
Which meant we had to pay up.
Mom, Bren, and Katie headed to Claire's on Monday.
She wanted diamonds - huge diamonds - 6 mm CZ's to be precise.
We convinced her they were way too big for her little ears.
She finally agreed to go with the 3 mm ones instead.


Cleaning her ears:

Afterwards - she finally believed me that it hurt.

Trying to smile through the pain.

Don't worry - she is totally fine now.
She loves her earrings and is glad she did it.
But I do believe she will not doubt me next time I tell her something hurts.

Also, I should have taken pics of Brendan.
The poor kid couldn't stand to see his sister in pain
so he paced the floor outside in the mall.
Kind of like a nervous expectant father.
After it was all over, he came in and saw her tears...
and he leaned over and kissed her sweaty little forehead.
He told her she would feel better soon
and that he was so sorry it had hurt.
He is the BEST big brother EVER.

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