Saturday, September 17, 2011

Flee. Fly. Flu.

This has been me for the past week and a half.
Of course, I haven't been in bed for most of those days,
but I wanted/needed to be.
In between short bouts of rest,
I closed out our PTO fundraiser,
shuttled kidlets to activities and school,
did laundry, loaded the dishwasher, packed lunches,
cooked, grocery shopped,
and went to the doctor.
He said it was viral so he couldn't give me an antibiotic,
but if I wasn't better in a few days to call him back.
Yesterday I phoned him.
I'm sure he'd missed me.
I know I thought about him all week long.
But I only called because I woke up without my voice.
We can't be having that, now can we?
Although I think Mr. C and the kidlets enjoyed the silence.
The nice doctor prescribed antibiotics for me.
And after a series of crazy mishaps and blunders
(on their side, not mine)
I finally got them late last night.
I hope they do the trick.
We have tickets to the Bronco game tomorrow
where they are celebrating Shannon Sharpe's HOF Induction.

I hope he is dressed exactly like that, too.
You're welcome.


Amanda said...

Thanks, Marti! I needed that. ;) Hope you feel better soon!

Veggie Mama said...

I hope you're feeling much better!! If not...SOON!!! That Shannon Sharpe has one heck of a BODY! WOW!