Friday, August 26, 2011

A Winner...or Two!!!!

So I didn't get the drawing done last night.
I kind of caught a cold from some little darling
at the kidlets' school.
But we made sure to take care of business
right after they came home this afternoon.

Since they BOTH wanted to draw a name,
I decided I'd draw two and send a pack of
Scripture Tags
to two of you!

Here is Brendan holding the basket while Katie
drew a name.
She chose...

Tania Willis!!!!!

Here is Katie holding the basket for Brendan.
Way. up. high.
She likes to make things difficult sometimes.
Brendan chose....

Kelly Massman!!!!!!
I will contact you to get your addresses and your tags will
be on their way shortly.
Thank you to everyone who participated!
I wish I could send a pack to each of you.
Oh, and Angela,
I will be contacting you to get your address.
You liked the dandelion I created with my
Silhouette, so I'm going to cut one out and mail it to you.

1 comment:

Kelly Massman said...

I guess I'm lucky you chose two winners! Thanks!! :-)