Friday, July 29, 2011

Time Away

I'm sitting on a patio listening to life.
Mr. C and Bren are watching a movie.
Katie is laying in bed watching Disney Channel before going to sleep.
There are some baseball kids in the hot tub next door.
The air is cool and I am enjoying a very slight breeze.
The sky is dark, but I see lights twinkling across the valley.
It is beautiful.
We are in Steamboat this week.
Enjoying a short break from the every-day.
With Cheyenne being so busy this week, we decided to leave town.
We arrived last night, a bit later than we'd anticipated,
but we did arrive, and that is all that counts.
Today we hiked to Fish Creek Falls.
I was wearing flip flops
because I am dumb sometimes and go for fashion before function.
Then Mr. C and The B-Man went golfing at Haymaker.
Bren scored just one shot higher than his Dad.
Mr. C is getting nervous.
Katie and I went downtown and were blessed to spend the afternoon
with one of my oldest (in longevity, not age) and dearest friends.
She drove all the way from Grand Junction
(3-1/2 hours away)
just to see me.
What a gift.
We laughed, shopped, had lunch, and just caught up on things.
I loved hearing about how all of my Junior High friends are doing.
It was so nice to see that time hasn't changed us.
We have grown and matured, certainly.
And life has thrown each of us our share of curve-balls.
But our relationship just picks right back up where we last left it.
I just love that girl.
We missed the third person in our little trio.
Hopefully we can remedy that one day.
Tomorrow we are going to take the gondola up
to the top of the world
(or it'll just seem that way)
and hike around for a few hours.
I am so grateful we took the time to do this.
Our lives get so busy and harried sometimes.
I love getting this time away to focus on US.
To feed our marriage.
To build memories with our children.
And to refresh our souls.

Do you need to do any of those things?
I challenge you to actually take the time to do it.
Even if you can only go for a day or two,
it'll be worth it.
I promise.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Well, hello there.

I've been an absent blogger.
I have been busy with my children all summer.
Playing at the pool.
Taking them to golf and swimming lessons.
Washing countless loads of towels and swimsuits.
And just building memories.

Right now I am watching my beautiful daughter play on her playset.
Two ponytails.
Flashy light-up sandals.
And her new purse hanging across her torso.

My third-born is in his room.
Cleaning up after our basement flooded this weekend.
Large hail, heavy rain and 60 mph wind gusts sent water into our window wells.
And into his bedroom.
The Water Restoration team was AMAZING.
If you ever need one, I highly recommend
BDR Fire & Water Restoration.

I am in the middle of a little blog re-do.
Which is why I haven't been here much.
I'm waiting for my fabulous graphic design star
to make this place new and epic!

The Big news right now is:

I was chosen to be on the
Design Team!

I am stoked!
The products are so fun and clean and fresh!!!!
Check them out.
I will be posting some of my projects in the coming weeks.

I will also finish my vacation photos and updates.
Fun times.
With more to come!

Here are some pics from the end of school:

Katie dressed for Kindergarten Graduation

Katie and her teacher, Mrs. Hiser.

Every year on the last day of school, we do an activity. This year the kidlets chose
mini-golf and the library.

The Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile hit town in June so I loaded everyone up
to go see it in downtown Cheyenne. Katie was in her jammies. :)