Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vacation Wrap-Up

We went on vacation from March 30 until April 12. 
We went to Disneyworld, Augusta, Savannah, and St. Augustine.

We spent the first 6 days staying at
The Port Orleans French Quarter.
This is Nancy.

Nancy was waiting outside for us when we arrived at the resort.
This lovely soul informed us that we had been chosen as
Family of the Week.
What does that mean?
Well, we got an awesome room upgrade,
gold keys
(which means VIP - so people thought we were far more important that we are),
our room was decorated with balloons, mardi gras beads, and gifts,
and the kidlets got the joy of going behind the counter
to check us in and make our fancy keys.

We loved our resort!
Brendan especially loved the begnets!

After checking in, we headed to
The Magic Kingdom
where Katie got to see
Cinderella's Castle
for the very first time.

Then it rained,
and rained,
and rained. 

The next day was still wet and rainy,
which was fine because Katie had reservations for a 
Princess Makeover 
at The Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. 

 We spent the rest of the day at Downtown Disney shopping for cool
Mickey stuff...
like these golf ears.

And these awesome $80 Tron ears
(which we did NOT buy).

The kidlets also wanted to make their own Light Sabers
'cuz Jedi Princesses rock
and so do their awesome brothers.

Apparently there is a special recording for girls who are dressed as
Every time we got on the bus that day, the voice-over guy from the
Disney movies came over the speaker and proclaimed,
(cue the fancy royal trumpets)
"Everyone use your best royal manners because today
we are traveling with a Disney Princess!".

We met some friends at Chef Mickey
(they live in Denver but were at WDW, too).
The kids were not very hungry because we had eaten a very
late lunch, and a late snack.
Which worked out well because the food was not all that great.
Mickey needs to take a few more cooking classes, I guess.
And I think they use the term "Chef" quite liberally.

Katie and Mom began Day 3 at the Magic Kingdom
while Brendan and Dad hit the links.
When we got on the bus to go to the park
there was no fancy Princess proclamation.
Katie leaned over to me and whispered,
"They forgot to announce my arrival".
I told her the bus driver figured she wanted to be
incognito that day.

Katie found the most girlie Mickey ears ever
of course.

We met up with Dad and Brendan that afternoon
and had a great time riding rides and watching parades.

Next time:
Epcot and Animal Kingdom

Coming Soon:
The Masters


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Marti's World said...

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