Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mi Vida Loca

I cannot believe I haven't updated since November. I'd like to be able to say I was accomplishing great things during the past two months. But, I can't. I have, however, been busy caring for our family, including having Sean, Chloe, and our gorgeous grandson Landry live with us for eight weeks. Basically I spent that entire time thoroughly enjoying being a Grammy. Maybe I was accomplishing great things. ;o)

In mid-December, Katie came down with her first case of strep throat. She was into the spirit of giving so she shared it with me...only somehow I also acquired pharyngitis and a sinus infection. Our December was brought to an abrupt halt, and I still have not even sent out our Christmas Cards. Maybe I'll mail them for Valentine's Day. LOL

Christmas was wonderful. We had all of our children under one roof this year! I don't know that I've ever spent a more enjoyable Christmas. Brendan, Katie, and Landry were in the Christmas Pageant at church on Christmas Eve. Brendan was Joseph, Katie was an angel, and Landry was Baby Jesus. We enjoyed chili and clam chowder in bread bowls for Christmas Eve dinner, then opened gifts.

Christmas Day was spent together watching football and playing with all of the new toys. Marc made Prime Rib for Christmas dinner and it was delicious!

Mr. C and I went to the club for New Year's Eve dinner. Sean drove us over there, and picked us up in case we decided to celebrate excessively (we didn't). He and Chlo kept the kidlets and made sure they got to watch the ball drop.

Sean and Chlo moved back to the other side of the state a couple of weeks ago. And they had the audacity to take Landry with them!!! LOL. Sean was not able to find a job here, which made things difficult for them. He did have an interview today, and another one tomorrow, so he is feeling pretty hopeful.

So, there is the update. I do have pictures I need to download from my camera so I can post them.

One of my goals for the year (I like that word better than "resolution") is to update more regularly. I still need to do my "Q&A" from my surgery, as well.

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, love the update :)

And, I'm sorry we took Landry, maybe we'll mail him to you, LOL.

Marti's World said...

Thank you, Chlo! :) Not as pretty as your work, but it'll do for now.

Please mail him to me! LOL. I miss kissing his little cheeks.

Courtney Walsh said...

Thanks for swinging by my blog and weighing in on the preschool debate! It's definitely something I'm considering--and even though it's a few months off, I feel like I need to be thinking about it now!! :) I'm glad I found your blog!