Sunday, September 05, 2010

September Already...

I cannot believe summer is over.
I was not ready for school to begin...
for my kids to be gone all day...
or for the cooler temps to hit.
But, in spite of my unreadiness, all three have come to pass.

We always walk the kids to school on their first day.
This is what they looked like this year...

When we got to the playground, Brendan just kind of stood there.
Katie ran off in search of new friends.
She quickly found two girls (who just happened to be wearing pink)
and introduced herself.
Then she went to play tetherball.
All the way across the playground from us.
That child knows no fear.

The first day of school always includes

It is our tradition.
The kids love it.
so does Mr. C.

After school was over, I went to meet Katie at the exit from the school.
She didn't see me...
She only saw Brendan.
This was how they looked as they walked onto the playground.
They didn't even notice I was there.

He was asking her about her first day in Kindergarten.
She was telling him all about it.
He is seriously the best big brother a girl could have.
And, believe me, she tests that all the time.
He will be a great example to her in the years ahead.
She will be good for him, too.
He is serious. She is funny.
He is shy. She is outgoing.
He doesn't play enough. She doesn't know when to stop.

They couldn't be more different.

Yet they are so close and they love each other so much.

Kinda like me and Mr. C.