Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School Registration

I have to go register the kidlets for school tomorrow.
Their first day is two weeks after that.
I am bummed.
I think I need 3 more months of summer
before I'm ready to relinquish my little cuties again.

I love summertime.
I love having my children with me all day (most of the time).
And I love not having to send them off to a building full of virtual strangers every day.

But Katie is very excited for Kindergarten.
Brendan is excited to be going back to school,
but not necessarily for the daily walk there with his sister.

Every school year I contemplate homeschooling my children.
I love the idea of homeschooling,
but don't think I'd do well with the reality of it.
I'd be great with the arts & crafts part of their education,
and the field trips,
but not so great at the actually "schooling" aspect of it.
I just don't do structure very well.

I am not overly disciplined about keeping strict schedules any longer.
I used to be.
I got up and worked out every single day at 5 am.
I came home and showered before waking the kids up for school.
I cooked them a hot breakfast each morning.
I always cleaned my house from top to bottom on Mondays.
I baked bread 3x/week!
(Long story)
I was a stickler for keeping my babies on schedule for naptime
(but that was mostly self-preservation, I think).

Well, not so much.
I clean when it needs to be done.
I rarely work out in the mornings
(heck, I rarely work out, and it shows).
If the kids want cereal for breakfast, I let them have it.
I buy bread at the store.

Maybe I should use this school year as an opportunity to get back on a schedule.
Maybe not as strict as I used to be.
But a happy medium between
where I was
and where I am now.

But I think I'll allow myself a week or two
to mourn the return of school first.

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