Sunday, August 08, 2010

My Crazy Life

Well, Days 6 & 7 of "Project: Week Without Kidlets" were a bust. I ran errands, cleaned, did laundry, etc. on Friday. Then, went to Santa Fe all by myself on Saturday. Mr. C had to work all weekend, in addition to his long hours all week long. I think he ended up with 89.5 hours total Monday-Sunday.

In a quicker version: it sucked.

I left here at 6:30 am so I could hit Trader Joe's in Santa Fe again. I had picked up a FAB shopping bag there when Houston and I went the week before, and I had several people ask if I would pick one up for them, as well. I went in, grabbed my lemon curd (Mr. C loves my lemon chicken made with lemon curd), some shampoo and conditioner for Houston (she fell in love with the Tea Tree Tingle), and went to grab 5 shopping bags....and they were sold out of them. Bummer. I then drove out to McYuck's to meet Jess & Joey with the kidlets. We made the switch, and hit the road. We stopped in Las Vegas, NM (which isn't nearly as exciting and cool as Las Vegas, NV, but I digress) for a quick late lunch/early dinner. The kidlets didn't even want to go in. They just requested I drive through so we could get home that much earlier. They were awesome little travelers. No fighting, whining, or complaining. They just hung out in the back seat, and watched the, um, uh, scenery (of which there isn't much in southern Colorado).  We arrived home around 10 pm.

Sunday was spent recuperating from the trip, and catching up on laundry (my souvenir from Arizona was a ginormous bag of dirty clothes!). I knew we had a busy week ahead, so I tried to get laundry/housework done.

Brendan had a golf tournament on Monday and Tuesday...
and he came in 3rd!!!!!
He was so excited. It was such an awesome day for him. Then, after his round on Tuesday, Mr. Miller (his swim coach) brought him his ribbons from the City-Wide Swim Meet held the day before he went to AZ. Bren came in 3rd in Butterfly and 5th in Freestyle! It was a great week for him. He needed some positive experiences after the baseball disaster in June. We had a banquet Tuesday night where he received a plaque.

Wednesday brought recital rehearsals for Katie. It was a dress-rehearsal even. Ugh.

Thursday (5th) was my birthday. I turned "29+13". Sean congratulated me on being in my "teens and twenties at the same time". I also received a package from Chris Hertel the day before, which helped me celebrate that much earlier! I had won a drawing on her blog last month. This is what she sent me!

What a wonderful birthday surprise!!!

Mr. C and I went out to dinner that night. I had pistachio-crusted halibut. It was wonderful! They brought out a slice of chocolate cheesecake with a pink candle in it for me. It was so thoughtful of them. I also liked that they did not sing to me. I hate being sung to...especially in a crowded room full of strangers. I also got another birthday surprise that day...Sean and Chloe called to say they were coming to see us that night and staying until Sunday!!! I think that way my favorite part of the day.

Friday was busy: Katie had ballet recital rehearsals at the Civic Center all afternoon, I went to work to catch up on things a little, then we had a luau to attend that night. We had a BLAST!!! They had a roast pig (which Katie, Brendan, and I were unable to eat because it was a whole pig...including the head and face...blech), coconut shrimp, crab legs, ahi tuna, etc. Katie refused to eat any of it so the sweet wait staff went and had the cook prepare chicken strips and fries for her. Then, one of the servers brought her this because she said it looked just like Katie that night:

After dinner we went outside and watched the kidlets swim, then the band kicked up and lots of people started dancing.

Including Katie and her friend Sabo. They danced all evening long. We couldn't drag her out of there until midnight. Bren had gone home with Sean and Chloe long before that, but Katie was having too much fun to leave.

Then is started to get really fun when people started getting tossed into the pool fully dressed. Luckily I was able to avoid that.

Saturday brought Katie's ballet recital. She was beautiful and danced so well. Mr. C and I had to endure got to enjoy 3-1/2 hours of variousl dance performances. We took pity on Sean, Chloe and Brendan and let them leave at intermission.

All in all, it was a wonderful, albeit busy, week.
A week packed with busyness and blessings.


Anonymous said...

Hey Marti - I drive right by Trader Joe's on my way home from work everyday. Let me know if you want me to pick up some bags for you (assuming they carry them here as well).

Mike (in Michigan!)

Anonymous said...

We had so much fun with you guys this weekend! Thanks for having us :) Love you!