Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jumping into the Deep...

Disclaimer: I wrote this post last week when I was hanging at the pool - before the (in)Courage blog posted a similar one.

I’m watching Katie jump into the deep end of the pool. This is a huge accomplishment for her. At the beginning of the summer, she wasn’t even comfortable getting her face wet. Now she jumps right in and swims around with her floaties.

When we began coming to the pool in June, she would only go in the baby pool. Then she saw all of her friends wearing those cute pink arm floaties and decided she wanted some, too. Once I bought them for her, she went into the big pool but refused to let go of the side. She was so frightened.

One day Mr. C was here with her and he took her out into the middle of the pool and held her. He showed her she could float and not go under the water. He showed her that she was safe. She slowly became more confident and began going a few feet from the edge, then swimming right back. Each day she would venture just a little bit further out. Each day she felt a little more secure. Now she just jumps right into the deep water because she knows her floaties will keep her from drowning.

Katie and her floaties remind me
of myself and my trust in God.

I know He will be there for me, but sometimes it is so hard to let go of the edge. When I test Him with the little things, I gain more confidence and swim a little further into the shallow. If I would only let Him take me in His arms and carry me out to the middle of the pool, I would gain the trust to know He will always be there to keep me above water. I am frightened. Yet, I know that it is only by letting go and venturing out into the deep, rough waters of life that I can truly find my faith and confidence in Him. I won’t find it by holding onto the edge. I must force myself to take that leap and jump, with both feet, into the deep.

Have you jumped in lately?

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Robyn said...

Great post, Marti. I think I need to let go of the side of the pool, I'm a habitual side-swimmer. Sometimes it's just hard to let go.