Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thelma & Louise...

...without the cliff-diving.

Mr. C has a super busy week,
and it looks like he will be working this weekend, as well.
Which means he will be unable to go to
Santa Fe
with me to drop off the kidlets.

But, my bestie

has agreed to step in and travel with me
so I am not all alone on the return trip.

We are going to have a blast!
We'll pick her up on our way through Denver Saturday morning.
Then I'll deliver her back home that night.

I'm sure we'll be hoarse when we get back.
The drive to and from won't seem nearly as long
as it would if I were by myself.
Whenever we are together we just
talk and laugh
the entire time.

Then, Mr. C and I will return
next Saturday
to Santa Fe to pick the kidlets back up.
And hopefully then
we will be able to enjoy a quick tour around town
and some of his beloved
Mexican Food.

If I don't update the blog for a while...
well, it means I probably am busy
doing things that parents don't get to do
when they have kidlets underfoot...


that's pretty much it.
What were YOU thinking? :)


Anonymous said...

You two better not get all rambuncious with kids in the car! Haha. Have fun and drive safe :)

Joan said...
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Joan said...

Have a great trip, Marti!!

Marti's World said...

We'll be good, Chlo! LOL

Joan - pwahahahaha. I liked your first comment, too. LOL. Hopefully, huh? ;oD

Houston said...

We had such fun! Thanks for avoiding cliffs :)