Sunday, July 04, 2010

Pictorial Update

June is history.
July will be in no time.
Boy, this time of year goes by quickly.

Katie participated in her
Performance at the Park
on June 24.

She had lots of fun dancing with her friends.
Katie always loves an audience.
She has performed this dance several times in the past few weeks.
And even does her own singing so everyone gets the
full effect.

Edited to add: Katie is the one wearing the stylin' sunglasses:

The Mermaid Dance...

Katie is the one in the very center.
Go figure.

After her performance, she wanted to stay and watch some of the other numbers.
And insisted on using Daddy as a recliner.

Sean surprised us the following night
by showing up to visit us
with only 90 minutes notice.

That weekend we decided to make pizza on the grill.
We do this every summer.
Every summer we say it's our last attempt.
This time it really was.


 On the bright side, our roses are blooming and gorgeous!

 We are waiting for The B-Man to arrive home from

We aren't camping people, but Mr. C's sister is.
Every once in a while they'll take our kids for a night or so
in the wilderness.

This time they took Bren for 10 days.
We have missed him terribly.
But he has had a blast.

I camp at hotels.
My idea of
roughing it
is a hotel with no room service.
I figure that if God had meant for me to camp
he wouldn't have created
The Four Seasons.

I want to take a quick minute to express my deep
gratitude and appreciation
to all of those who have served, or are currently serving
to keep us and our country safe.

Thank you also to the
of these
brave men and women.
The sacrifices are immeasurable.
Thank you.

Happy Birthday, America!


christyn said...

great photos! I'm sure Houston shared but I feel the same way about camping. Seriously, I work hard to put a roof over my head why would I want to spend my free time living like a homeless person? ;)

Anonymous said...

Her dance looks so cute! I'm glad she had fun :) I wish I could have been there to see it!

And, that picture of Sean and Katie is to die for... darling :)

I hope you guys are having a good summer! I love and miss you!