Sunday, July 11, 2010


The B-Man made it home from his
camping trip
at about 3:00 on July 4.

He was greeted with
angry skies,
wind and rain.

So we couldn't get our traditional
July 4 Photo Shoot
fit into the schedule that day.

Instead, at about 9:00 pm that evening, I had to take this one:

Yes, notice the
jackets and pants.

I won't complain much though.
The first year I moved to Wyoming
(way back in 1982 - when I was technically a fetus because eveyone knows I am ony 29)
I was greeted with
on July 4.

I seriously wondered to what kind of 
God-Forsaken place
my parents had relocated our family.

Teen angst doesn't even begin to describe it!

But slowly I came to appreciate living here.

Because most evenings look like this
during the summer.

The beautiful pink, purple, and blue skies
are unforgettable.
It is those kind of evenings that make the
long winters
totally worth it.

On quiet summer evenings with a beautiful sunset greeting us on our patio,
I occasionally enjoy a glass bottle
of this

 Usually Sometimes I share it with Mr. C.

The past week has been wonderfully busy and joyful.

The B-Man decided to join the Swim Team.
His very first meet was Friday and he
loved it!!!!

He did well in his races, but more important was what
one of the boys told his mother that day.
She was one of Bren's teachers from school in 2nd grade.
Her son pointed at Bren and said,
"He is the nicest guy I've ever met before!".

Then the next day, Bren's swim coach ran into Mr. C at the pool and
said that Brendan is the most
kid he's come across.

That made Brendan's mom's heart smile.
Because that is what life is about.

That is all that matters.

It isn't about sports, fancy cars, big houses, job promotions, or annual compensation packages.
When it comes right down to it,
life is about
and being a good person.

And no matter what my children ever do in life,
nothing will ever make me more proud
than that.


Anonymous said...

You've been a wonderful mom, and you've raised some REALLY amazing kids :) I love you all to pieces.

Marti's World said...

Thanks, Chlo. We love you to pieces, too!

Houston said...

Oh M, you are so smart and kind and funny and brillant! You are always saying, writing and thinking things that I need to hear or be reminded of. You are a blessing 100%. I'm darn lucky to have you as my BFF!

Marti's World said...

H - Maybe I'm just your mirror because I think you are all of those things, too. :o) And I have always felt like I was the lucky one to have YOU as my Bestie. Love you, sweet girl!

Gwyn said...

You're a great writer and that's so true! What a blessing to hear such kind words of your son!

Debbie said...

Would have loved to have been there to watch you down..I mean share that bottle with Mr. C. Your stories are so funny after a few sips!

Marti's World said...

Gwyn - you embarrass me! LOL. I have never felt like I was a very strong writer. Thank you so much for your kind words. They really made my day!

Debbie - LOL. We need to do a wine night sometime. LOL. Although, I don't know that Mr. C could survive another one. :)