Saturday, June 05, 2010

Weekend #1 of Summer 2010

...was spent having fun! Right now I am enjoying an icy cold mug of Sunshine Wheat with an orange wedge (who knew oranges and beer went so well together?). I just LOVE summer!

Last night we went to Bren's baseball game. They won, and B scored 2 runs. Then we came home, put the kidlets to bed, and drank some wine on the patio. It was wonderful. I hope for many replays of THAT in the months to come (the wine part, not the baseball part)! Ha! Seriously, we sat out there for over an hour just talking and catching up. How I adore that man... but you already knew that.

This morning, Mr. C and Katie went on their weekly Daddy-Daughter Date to Hotcake Saturday. Every Saturday they go to McDonalds for pancakes. It gives them some time together (alone) and gives me and the B-Man a short respite from Katie's antics. I delivered Bren to the ball fields at 8 am sharp for pre-game warm-ups. We watched the game (they won 24-2), then went to the pool for lunch. Mr. C and the kidlets stayed to swim while I came home to get a few things done (my choice - I'll be spending the whole summer with the kids at the pool, today was Mr. C's turn). I went back a while later for dinner, then Mr. C and Bren went golfing.

Tomorrow we have church at 9 am, then Mr. C will be playing golf in the Opening Day Tourney.

Katie begins swim lessons on Monday. She will have a lot of fun with that. And hopefully she'll be swimming like a fish by the end of summer. Bren will be taking swimming this summer as well, in addition to golf lessons.

I'd like to take a moment to brag... Brendan brought home a Presidential Educational Excellence award this week - signed by President Obama (well, I'm sure it was an electronic signature, but I didn't tell HIM that). He was one of just 3 students in his class to receive one. He is such a good boy and a good student. I am so proud of him. He reads on almost a 12th grade level, and is just going into the 5th grade. He reads like me...constantly!!! It is a struggle just keeping him supplied with books, I swear (again, just like his momma). One day he brought home his vocabular testing results and he tested in GRADE "16"! He asked me what that meant. My reply? "Uh, it means you're smarter than your momma!". LOL. Wow. He amazes me. I spend a lot of time talking about Katie and how funny she is, and how she makes me laugh constantly - but I really neglect talking about the B-Man. He is an AWESOME kid. I never, ever have to get after him for anything. He is sweet and thoughtful and quiet. He loves to read and play with his LEGOs. He is a good big brother to Katie, and a wonderful son to us. He is kind and sensitive and he tries SO HARD in everything he does. He is a great golfer already, and will be beating his Dad on the links in the not-so-distant future. I love you, B-Man.


Suzanne said...

Congrats to B! Thats awesome, even if it was an electronic sig. :-) Enjoy your summer moments!

Joan said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful family, Marti!
Enjoy every day of your summer together!
Congratulations to your son for his accomplishments.

Sheila said...

B you are so smart and Grandma already knew that, you do read like your mom, don't know where she got that from, I read but nothing like you two, takes Grandma a long while to finish a book. I am very proud of you, keep up the good work, and lets see you beat your dad in golf by the end of summer, lol!!! Love you all.