Saturday, June 12, 2010

Photo Recap

arrived on Memorial Day and left that Friday.
While he was here, he performed some minor surgery
(removal of a splinter)
on his little sister.
In order to keep her calm, he put his headphones on her and turned on his iPod.

She was instantly hooked...
and wore them all over the house for the rest of the day.


Marc and The B-Man
pssst. Notice the awesome necklace Marc made for Brendan.
The kid won't take it off and wears it 24/7 now.

After Marc left, we swam.
and swam.
and swam.

Here is Katie modelling her super cool
Hello Kitty Diva Goggles
(yes, their real name).

And here she is at swimming lessons.

Katie has a new friend, Barrett, who also takes lessons.
Barret's mom is awesome and has made my days at the pool
much more bearable.

Here she is socializing, rather than paying attention to class.
That doesn't remind me of anyone...
No comment, mother.

showing her great form in the back stroke...

The B-Man loves hanging out with the kids at the pool.
and sliding.

Katie posing, sans the Diva Goggles, but PLUS
the pink floaties.
All the cool girls are wearing them this year.

Brendan was trying to coax her into the pool, but she was happiest
just hanging out on the ladder.
Yes, those floaties really did the trick, huh?

When we got home from the pool on Thursday, I found this in her bed.

Yes, that is her
Hawaiian Hello Kitty
(hence the suntan)
wearing a tiara
and a swimsuit top.

Katie is
all about
the accessories.

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Sheila Vestal said...

Tell the kidlets that Grandma really liked the pictures of all of them and the pool looks so cooooolllllll, wish I was in it, it is unbearably hot here. Love you all, don't forget to download the skype so I can see you all.