Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day
to Mr. C.

Thank you for the
constant love and support
you give to both me and our four children.

Thank you for nursing me through
6 pregnancies,
which resulted in
4 miscarriages,
2 c-sections.

Plus the surgeries and countless rounds of
fertility meds.
Which made me
and grouchy.

Thank you for being such an amazing example of what a
real man
is and does and says.

Thank you for teaching us all about
and kindness.

Thank you for teaching THEM that they are important and valuable.

Thank you for working so hard so we could play so hard.

And for being a man of God
who isn't afraid to show his children that he
needs faith to carry him through.

And for being a man who is WORTHY of the
love and respect he receives from his children.

Because they do love and respect you so very much

...and so do I.

Happy Father's Day
to the love of my life
and the best Dad in the world.

My love and gratitude know no bounds.

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