Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tropical Breezes...

...not. It is an incredibly windy day here in Cheyenne. Right now, we are gusting to 75 mph. That is hurricane-force, people! aaack! I wish I were back in Hawaii enjoying the Trade Winds instead of this. For some reason, the wind always hits on Tuesdays, which are Katie's ballet days. It is always so interesting to try to get Katie, her ballet bag, and her tutu all delivered into the dance studio in winds like this. I am always convinced that I will lose SOMETHING (preferrably not Katie) along the way and it'll end up somewhere in Nebraska.

I went to Design Team last night at The Treasure Box. One of our team-members had a baby a couple of months ago so we had her baby shower last night, too. I got to hold sweet little Jude for a while. He was screaming his little head off because he was tired, but even with the screaming, I just loved cuddling and holding him. I cannot wait until October when our grandbaby is born. I am going to enjoy just sitting and rocking him for hours. It is going to be heaven!!!

While I was at DT, I bought some of Jilli Bean Soup's corrugated alphas! They are fabulous! I cannot wait to use them - hopefully this afternoon.

Aren't they great? I bought the white, but they also have Kraft and an awesome Green.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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