Sunday, May 16, 2010


I love Sunday. It is pretty much my favorite day of the week. Well, except for the fact that it means the weekend is coming to an end.

Every week, we go to church at 9 am, then take the kidlets to breakfast. We have done it this way forever - well, probably 9 years anyway. It is a nice way to spend our morning...worshipping
then enjoying one another's company.

This afternoon, Mr. C and the boys went to play golf and I have a baby shower to attend. Katie did not want to go with me so she gets to hang with Chlo until the guys get back.

After the shower, Mr. C is going to grill steak. Truly, he makes the
best steak
I've ever had. Seriously. I haven't had a better one anyplace. ever.

Chlo is leaving Cheyenne this week to head back to Utah for her Mom's college graduation (she is a super incredible lady!), and then staying until Sean arrives.Sean will be following her soon. He will remain here to pack up the apartment, then load everything up and head west so he can begin his new job.

We decided we needed to have one last Sunday dinner with them before they make their big move.
On most Sundays since they came to Cheyenne, we have enjoyed
Sunday dinner
with them. It is one more wonderful thing I love about Sundays - family time with even the big kids!

But this one will be bittersweet.
It's the last one in a long while.
I will miss them both so very, very much.

I love you three bunches!!!

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