Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Photographic Recap...

This arrived for me on Saturday afternoon from my Mom and Jimbo. I love it. It is beautiful and it smells wonderful.

Brendan made me this for Mother's Day. I have always wanted to learn how to work with wheat, but haven't yet. Now I don't have to...I can just put him to work creating little wall hangings for me. :) Really, I just love it and was so excited when I opened it.
 Here is Marc and Joon. It was difficult getting either of them to pose for a picture so this was the best I could do. Isn't that face just adorable? Joon's, too!

I did get Katie to agree to pose on her biggest brother's lap. It is always so fun watching Marc play with the younger children. He is awfully patient with them.

Katie couldn't go a minute without loving on Joon. Obviously, the dog didn't mind too much.

Here is just an awesome picture of my B-Man. I love that sweet smile - it only cost us $2600 so far. A bargain, in my opinion.

And, finally, here are Sean and Chloe. This picture was taken by an amazing photographer named Katie. She is slightly vertically challenged, but held the camera steady nonetheless.

 We are expecting a winter storm tonight and tomorrow. I've heard we're getting anywhere from 4 - 15 inches of snow. Heavy wet snow. Yippy. Skippy. The only redeeming thing about storms like this is the possibility of having a snow day tomorrow. I love snow days - little unexpected breaks from the every-day. Sigh. One can only hope...

Happy Tuesday!


MOM said...

Glad you liked the flowers , you and your brother were the best part of my life also, I wasn't the best mom I know but I do love you and would do anything for you! I loved your blog post and the pictures, the kids are all getting to change so much, Katie is looking more like you all the time and the older boys look so much alike and B-man is really getting big and looking so much older, need to get out there soon. Love you all very much!! You will be a wonderful grandma!

Anonymous said...

Oh Marti... that is an AWFUL picture of me. Lol. I really like what Bren made you, super cute :)