Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Mr. C and The B-Man went to Parker, CO today to see

Yes. That is
Freddie Couples.
My favorite golfer
(Phil runs a very close second).

The Senior PGA Tour Championship is going on right now near Denver.
And I was not able to go.
A knife through my heart....

We decided that Katie-Bug is too young to go to an
all-day golf tourney.
And with this being
Memorial Weekend
I did not feel good about
asking someone to babysit her - especially on a Sunday.

I know how much Mr. C likes Freddie
(he was Mr. C's fave golfer before he was mine)
so I told him to make it a "guys day" and take Bren.
I opted to stay home with Katie.

The sacrifices I make....
One day she'll appreciate it, right?

Because she owes me...
for this one!

Actually, we've had a fun morning.
So far:
I have served her watermelon...
in MY bed.
I turned on her favorite kids shows.
I painted her toenails.
And selected her wardrobe for the day.

Tonight when my guys arrive home, Mr. C is going to grill Baby Back Ribs for dinner.

Then tomorrow he and Bren will drive back to Denver to pick up my
Traveling Fisherman
from the airport!

While Katie and I help a dear friend decorate for a graduation party.

Marc is coming home for the week before he flies off to
for the summer.

I'm so looking forward to spending some time with him!

Happy Sunday!

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