Monday, May 03, 2010

...and we're off!!!

Another busy week is upon us. Between Design Team, school for both kidlets, ballet, tumbling, 2-3 baseball practices, Mr. C's work schedule, Mr. C's gym schedule, my work schedule, and a minute amount of family time, we are booked solid. It's all good though. School is almost out for the summer (yea!) so I can see a light at the end of this crazy tunnel.

We had a fun weekend. On Saturday we went to Ft. Collins for the day. Mr. C and the kidlets hung out with Uncle Don while I spent the afternoon with my girlie, Houston. We had lunch at The Red Table in Old Town, then walked around and shopped. I scored some new clear stamps and some cute MM butterflies at Tuesday Afternoon (what a fun store). Mr. C then picked me up and we headed south to Centerra for a little shopping and dinner. I talked Mr. C into going to PF Chang's. It was a hit! Katie even ate her dinner (which is rare). She also charmed our waitress- who slipped a dozen extra fortune cookies into Katie's "to-go" bag. While we were there, Katie let us know that she had learned what "Senior Citizen" means (it's someone who has grey hair and is a grandma or grandpa - Mr. C and I are thrilled that we will be qualifying for that definition in the fall...not). Anyway, she then proceeded to point out (in her nice, quiet way) each and every one of the senior citizens in our section of the restaurant. Ugh.

On Sunday, we did our usual: church, then brunch with the kidlets. When we arrived home, Sean and Chloe were waiting for us. Mr. C put on a pot of his famous chili (it is soooo yummy), then everyone just hung out watching TV. The big screen in the family room had NBA Playoffs, and our bedroom TV had the final round at Quail Hollow. It was a nice, quiet, relaxing day. I even snuck in a very short nap.

I am so looking forward to Mother's Day weekend! Marc is coming home to see us. He hasn't been here since Thanksgiving so we are really excited for his arrival. He will get here either Friday night or Saturday. I think they will try to fit some golf in while he is home, as well. On Mother's Day, we are going to church, then to a Mother's Day Brunch that looks just amazing (lobster quiche, crab, shrimp...). I began my diet and work-out program again this week, but I think I'll let it slide for brunch on Sunday.

Speaking of Mothers, Chloe looks just amazing. She has the cutest little belly ever. And she doesn't even mind when I touch it. I've never been one of those people who has to touch pregnant bellies, until now. It is the most wonderful thing ever!!! I can't wait until I can feel the little guy kick.

Have a super week!

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You're to sweet :) Thanks!