Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am in love!

with this necklace at Lisa Leonard's amazing website!

I found it while reading
Angie Smith's blog.
Little Audrey passed away shortly after her birth
and this necklace was made for her by
Lisa Leonard
to commemorate Audrey's life.
I so want one with
name on it!!!
So, if you are wondering what
wonderful gift I might like for
Mother's Day this year
this necklace would totally make my entire year.
Actually, Mr. C just got me my
fab pink laptop
as a gift, which will
encompass the next
kazillion holidays,
so he won't be jewelry shopping any time soon. LOL.
I just wanted to share it in case
YOU wanted to get one for
She has some really beautiful designs so go look around.
And, for the record,
I am in no way affilliated with Lisa Leonard,
nor does she have even the
idea of who I am.
I just really like her designs.

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