Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Friendship for Grown-ups

Booksneeze recently mailed me a free copy of Lisa Whelchel's lastest book, "Friendship for Grown-Ups", in exchange for me posting my review on my blog. I jumped at the opportunity, as I was actually eagerly waiting for it to hit my local stores so I could purchase it. I have long been a fan of Lisa's: first as Blair on Facts of Life, and later as an author. I find her books are written from the heart and are easy to read and understand. This book was no exception. Her words just exude her love of God, and her desire to do His will in her life.
One would imagine that Lisa would have spent her life surrounded with wonderful friendships with amazing, glamorous, and godly women. This was not the case. She was an actress and learned how to put on a happy "front" for everyone. This makes others happy, but they never get to know the real person underneath the mask. Deep friendships are not always pretty and perfect and it is intimidating to have a friend who always appears to be that way. Then, when she did try to get real and honest and deep with a trusted friend, that friend withdrew from her. Fortunately for Lisa, she found an "Emmitt" (you will understand this term after reading the book) in her dear friend Ney Bailey. Ney has loved and mentored Lisa. She has been a true friend, which has enabled Lisa to establish other true and meaningful friendships in her life. This book is all about the steps and processes involved in getting to this point. I learned so much about women, communication, and something more important than finding a good friend: I learned how to BE one.
I also liked how she added Reflection and Discussion Questions, Practical Steps for Developing and Growing Friendships, as well as "Conversation Prompts" to assist you in your own friendship journey.
I highly recommend this book. In fact, I would encourage you to purchase one for yourself, and one for a friend. It is that good.

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