Friday, April 30, 2010

Fabulous Friday!

Friday!!!! I just adore Fridays. Friday means I have 2 full days ahead of me before we are slammed with another busy week. Right now, I am celebrating Friday by enjoying a nice glass of wine, listening to the kidlets plan their sleepover together downstairs, and waiting for Mr. C to get home from the gym. He doesn't appreciate Friday evenings as much as I do, I guess. He told me he would be just an hour...two hours ago.

Tonight, he wants to watch the Quail Hollow golf tournament on the Golf Channel when he gets home. He does not yet know that Mr. Tiger Woods has missed the cut and won't be playing the weekend. He will be thrilled with that little tidbit of info. We aren't Tiger fans in this house, we are Phil Phans. :o) I, however, do not really care to watch golf tonight. I will probably just enjoy some (more) wine, and read a book. Maybe a romance novel. I am thinking I need some of that. LOL. Yes, the fun never ends in this house.

It's been a crazy week around here. It began last Friday when Mr. C's car got hit in the parking lot of his office. Luckily, the gentleman who hit it left his info. The car is currently in the shop and should be done by the end of next week. He doesn't mind his rental car so all-in-all, it hasn't been too bad of an experience - just a nuisance more than anything.

That evening, however, things went downhill fast. We had made dinner plans with some friends and shortly before we left, I began feeling bad. Really bad. It got progressively worse the entire time we were at dinner. I couldn't eat a thing, and I was feeling very fevered. By the time we got home, I had a high fever and was very sick. It hit Mr. C in the middle of the night that night. Saturday we were worthless so Bren had to take care of Katie (and us). I lost 11 lbs. by Monday morning. Don't worry - unfortunately, it found it's way back to me. Bren's reward for being such a great nurse-maid? His own case of the stomach flu. We missed his field trip to Ft. Laramie and everything.

But, it is once again FRIDAY! We have a fresh new weekend in front of us so we can make up for not having one last week. I'm sure this one will be fabulous and we will enjoy it so much more. :o)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Friendship for Grown-ups

Booksneeze recently mailed me a free copy of Lisa Whelchel's lastest book, "Friendship for Grown-Ups", in exchange for me posting my review on my blog. I jumped at the opportunity, as I was actually eagerly waiting for it to hit my local stores so I could purchase it. I have long been a fan of Lisa's: first as Blair on Facts of Life, and later as an author. I find her books are written from the heart and are easy to read and understand. This book was no exception. Her words just exude her love of God, and her desire to do His will in her life.
One would imagine that Lisa would have spent her life surrounded with wonderful friendships with amazing, glamorous, and godly women. This was not the case. She was an actress and learned how to put on a happy "front" for everyone. This makes others happy, but they never get to know the real person underneath the mask. Deep friendships are not always pretty and perfect and it is intimidating to have a friend who always appears to be that way. Then, when she did try to get real and honest and deep with a trusted friend, that friend withdrew from her. Fortunately for Lisa, she found an "Emmitt" (you will understand this term after reading the book) in her dear friend Ney Bailey. Ney has loved and mentored Lisa. She has been a true friend, which has enabled Lisa to establish other true and meaningful friendships in her life. This book is all about the steps and processes involved in getting to this point. I learned so much about women, communication, and something more important than finding a good friend: I learned how to BE one.
I also liked how she added Reflection and Discussion Questions, Practical Steps for Developing and Growing Friendships, as well as "Conversation Prompts" to assist you in your own friendship journey.
I highly recommend this book. In fact, I would encourage you to purchase one for yourself, and one for a friend. It is that good.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Iron Chef Crop

I am a Chef on the Creative Cookbooking Team. This is a fun website devoted to those of us who want to scrapbook our recipes and capture the memories created in our kitchens. We are going to be hosting an Iron Chef On-line Crop April 26 - May 3, in honor of National Scrapbook Day. Here is the linky-loo to the message boards.

Creative Cookbooking

Come join us and sign up! We have some really fun challenges planned for you!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am in love!

with this necklace at Lisa Leonard's amazing website!

I found it while reading
Angie Smith's blog.
Little Audrey passed away shortly after her birth
and this necklace was made for her by
Lisa Leonard
to commemorate Audrey's life.
I so want one with
name on it!!!
So, if you are wondering what
wonderful gift I might like for
Mother's Day this year
this necklace would totally make my entire year.
Actually, Mr. C just got me my
fab pink laptop
as a gift, which will
encompass the next
kazillion holidays,
so he won't be jewelry shopping any time soon. LOL.
I just wanted to share it in case
YOU wanted to get one for
She has some really beautiful designs so go look around.
And, for the record,
I am in no way affilliated with Lisa Leonard,
nor does she have even the
idea of who I am.
I just really like her designs.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Too Soon

My layout is spotlighted on The Good Grief Blog today. The challenge this time was "Just the Facts". Since Quincey lives such a short time, I really only had a few facts to list. I decided to focus on his birth and death dates only, then added "not enough time in between". We didn't have many pictures of him without all the tubes, etc. so I used this picture. His kidneys had stopped functioning so his little body is swollen, but I liked seeing his face without all of the medical stuff on it. The little pocket rosary was placed there by Sean, who also took the photos.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fabulous Weekend

I had the best weekend. Friday, Katie and I spent the afternoon at a playdate. She played with her friend, Issy, and I got to hang with Issy's very awesome Mom, Jamie. It was such a great day! The girls played well together, and Jamie and I nearly lost track of time and forgot we had school-aged kids coming home. We are planning another one soon. I cannot wait!

While I was hanging out at Jamie's, my new baby arrived via my UPS Dude. Mr. C got it for me because he is such a sweetie-pie.

He spent all day Saturday transferring my files from my old computer to this one. I love it! It is gorgeous!!! And it works so much better than my old one (which kept locking up on me and was running very, very S-L-O-W-L-Y). I'm not wireless yet - we need a router for that - but I plan to be as soon as Mr. C can get to it. He also took the kidlets to Target to pick out a cute pink mouse for it while I was in Ft. Collins that day.

Speaking of Ft. Collins, I was down there on Saturday with more than 20 of the most fabulous scrapbookers ever. Seriously, I am in awe of the talent that is concentrated right here in the Rocky Mountain region. But the best part of my day was just spending time with these beautiful ladies. They are all so giving and kind and fun. I could go on all day about how wonderful they are, but suffice it to say, I feel blessed to call many of these girls my friends. We laughed and shared ideas (well, I didn't share, I just soaked it all in - but you get the idea). Liz Qualman has a fabulous wrap-up of our day on her blog. She also has some terrific sketch ideas so be sure to check them out while you're there.

After having such a big day on Saturday, I overslept on Sunday and missed going to mass. Mr. C took the kidlets though (he is always so good to take them even if I can't go). Afterwards, we went to Lion's Park for a picnic and let the kidlets play in the Children's Discovery Garden. They had a blast. I would post pictures, but my camera decided to rebel!!! I tried to turn it on and it wasn't working, so I assumed it was a dead battery. Nope. Dead camera. Grrrr. After calling around, I have had to accept the fact that it is cheaper to purchase a new camera than to fix this one. I am very sad.

We have a full week ahead: baseball practice has begun, ballet and tumbling are in full-swing, dentist appointments, school, work, etc. We are getting closer to the end of school, and I am so excited for summer. I have the kidlets signed up for some fun classes at the college, they'll do their religious ed in June, and we are thinking of getting a membership to the outdoor swimming pool. I am so looking forward to spending my days just playing with the kids.

Check back soon. I will have some layouts to post, hopefully. I didn't manage to get a LOT done on Saturday, but I did get a few pages completed. Plus, the Good Grief Blog has another challenge posted and mine will be spotlighted this week.

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

It has been forever and a day...

...since I've posted. No excuses - just busy living life with the family. We also battled bronchitis and the stomach flu within the past month.

First, the winner of my "Help Marti Come Up With a Cool Grandma Name" contest was Christyn with "Meme" - and Karen with "Mimi". I love it. Christyn, I'll bring your Starbucks GC to the crop on Saturday. Karen, I know you don't go to Starbucks, so I'm going to come up with something else to send you. :o) So, we will be "Meme and Papa" to the Grandbaby - mainly because it is easy for the baby to say. LOL. And, speaking of the Grandbaby, here is his first picture!

Yes, I said "his"! Apparently, there was some strong evidence that they are going to be having a man-child! We'll know for certain in about 8 more weeks, but the tech was fairly confident it wouldn't be changing. Look how cute he looks just all laxing and sucking his little thumb! Personally, I think he is awfully handsome already.

Katie celebrated her 5th birthday on March 13 at The Party Pony. She had a fabulous time with 18 of her closest friends! I can't post party pics yet because I haven't asked permission from the other moms. I need to do that because we got some really fun shots of the kids playing on the carousel!

We had a really wonderful Easter. Easter has become my favorite holiday for so many reasons. I like that it is much less stressful than Thanksgiving or Christmas. I also enjoy the significance of the resurrection - new life, new beginnings, and a fresh start. Easter Mass was beautiful and we had a nice dinner here with Sean and Chloe. Here are the kidlets' Easter baskets:
Katie has been begging us for a suitcase for a while. She didn't like using Brendan's old one (it was black, red, and blue). The Easter Bunny brought her a cute pink one (complete with the Eiffel Tower on the front) filled with candy and treasures.

The Easter Bunny brought Brendan a new baseball mitt filled with candy. He begins baseball next week. He didn't want to play last year due to a bad experience the previous one, but he has decided to give it another try this year. I am praying it goes well.

I am going to be spending Saturday in Ft. Collins scrapbooking with more than 20 of the nicest women I know. I am looking forward to catching up with everyone - it seems like forever since I've seen everyone. There will be some new faces attending this time, and I am really looking forward to meeting them, too! I feel so incredibly blessed to have met so many amazing women (and many of my dearest friends) through scrapbooking.

I also wanted to give a quick shout-out to my firstborn. Marc turns 25 tomorrow. Wow, do I feel old. This past quarter-century has zipped by at lightening speed. It seems like he was just placed in my arms for the first time. He somehow survived all of my early years of mothering - when I was filled with fear and nervousness. It seems so unfair that he got stuck with a mom who knew nothing about raising a child. We grew up together, in many ways. I miss him like crazy, but am so proud of him. He has 2 more semesters of school before he earns his degree in Wildlife Biology/Fisheries. He has grown to be such a handsome and kind man. I love him so very, very much and I am so very grateful that God entrusted me with him. Happy Birthday, first sweet babe. I love you!