Friday, March 05, 2010


It is amazing how much one's perspective can change in just a few moments. Yesterday, Mr. C called me to tell me some awful news. His former company sent their corporate officers in to the Ft. Collins office...and shut. it. down. Everyone (except for 2 people - his former boss and a surveyor) got laid off. And their severance packages weren't as much as Mr. C's was last month when he was let go. Wow. We were stunned.

Mr. C had been telling me for several months that he thought this might happen. That this was bigger than just "him" and "his job". We'd been expecting for them to start slowly slashing jobs. He was just surprised that he was the first manager to be let go. Well, after yesterday, we weren't wondering any longer. We were just grateful that all of this is behind us, and he already has an amazing job (that he just LOVES, by the way). Our hearts are broken for his former co-workers, many of whom are AMAZING people.

So, the anger has been replaced by empathy and sadness. And we continue to trust in God and in His timing and in His plan for us. We always knew it was for the best and that this would work out, we just didn't expect to see it in THIS perspective quite so quickly.

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Houston said...

God has been so good in all of this!