Friday, February 12, 2010


Tom's interview this afternoon went very well. He was told he will have an offer letter in his in-box on Monday or Tuesday. He is really excited and feels energized about his career again. One week ago, he was contemplating getting out of engineering - he was so burned out. He was seriously thinking of possibly going back to school to become a Science or Math teacher. Now, he is amped-up and ready to start a new adventure.

I want to, once again, thank everyone who has helped, called, emailed, prayed, etc. for us this past week. Your thoughts and kind words have meant so much to us both. I told Tom that he would be surprised by his friends - both the ones who WERE there, and the ones who WEREN'T there. I found this out during my divorce years ago. The people you think will always be by your side, just disappear - but in their place, God inserts some really amazing and wonderful relationships. Tom has had both old and not-so-old friends display amazing support throughout the past 10 days. We are forever in your debt. We cannot thank you enough.

I will update more next week. We're going to the Denver Golf Expo tomorrow (oh, yippy) - and then painting the living room for a couple of days. We got all of the supplies the other day. Tom hasn't had any time to do this type of thing forever, so we thought we'd take advantage of his break from work to accomplish a few household tasks.

Have a super weekend. Again, our gratitude knows no bounds. Much love to you all.

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Anonymous said...

that's great news! the job, not the golf expo...sorry I read this too late H and I could have organized an intervention.