Saturday, February 06, 2010


We have had some great things happen in the past few days. Tom went to the WY Engineers Society Conference on Thursday and Friday. The support he received was amazing. A few people want him to contact them regarding a position. Also, he has a phone interview on Tuesday! He is still down, but slightly encouraged.

We've seen God's hand in so much this week. He was laid off at the beginning of the month, so he still has health insurance through February. It just happened to be the week of the WES Conference - lots of networking opportunities there. And he received a letter from a very old friend that was written on Sunday. His friend spoke of faith and hope and old times - and really was a welcome bright spot in Tom's week.

So, in spite of everything, we are comforted, encouraged, and so grateful that we have one another.


Anonymous said...

That is SO wonderful :D

Christyn said...

yippee! good things do happen to good people

Debbie said...

Marti, things will get better! Tom isn't one to stay down for long and he has you!