Thursday, February 04, 2010


Lots going on around here. Some of it good, some if it...well, not so much. It is a great time of transition for our family. I know this is God's plan and it will all work out. I am just so impatient and want to know the outcome NOW.

Tom's boss showed up at his office on Monday and told him that he was being laid off, effective today. This is a huge blow to him. Apparently, Leonard (the new manager in Denver) felt that the economic potential in the WY market wasn't very good. Leonard wants super high-dollar projects, not the smaller ones that were available here. I equate this to the idea of a "Let's not worry about your paychecks - they're small potatoes - let's focus on winning the lottery" style of management. We'll see how this works out for him. It was Tom's piddly projects that have kept his office open for the past year. Nobody else was bringing in any projects. Of course, 4 hours after he received the news, his boss emailed to ask if Tom would be willing to do contract work for them, because nobody else had the knowledge to finish his small, value-less projects. Irony, huh?

It's been a rough week, but yet it has been filled with many blessings. So many people have contacted Tom and telling him that they are putting the word out that he needs a job. He had already applied for a couple of jobs with the State, which he is hoping to hear something on soon. So, for now, he is going to hang out with me and enjoy having a paid vacation for a little while (he got a severance pkg). Actually, he is trying to find another job, but is going to make the best of this time off - he has missed too much time at home due to work obligations so he is going to focus on spending some much-needed time with the children.

Brendan had some great news this week: his team won third place in the Indian Paintbrush competition. They worked so hard on this project. As a team, they have to read books from a selected list, then take a test on each book. I am so proud of his group. They were up against all of the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades - so 3rd place is pretty darn good!

Katie's big news is that she got to be the Special Helper at school yesterday. She is always VERY excited when she gets to be Special helper. She is also having her best friend over for a play date this afternoon. Life is perfect in her littl world.

I will update when I know more. Hopefully we'll have great news soon!


Amanda said...

Oy! That, um, bites. Hugs to you all, though it sounds like you have a good perspective on it all for the moment. :) I'll pray that something (that fits well for your family) comes along soon.

BDJ said...

I love your positive outlook, Marti, it helps me keep things in perspective! You're in our prayers!

Suzanne said...

Oh Marti! How awful! :-( Well, always one to look on the bright side, maybe Tom can be your "special helper." LOL

Marti's World said...

Thank you so much, you guys! I feel so INCREDIBLY blessed to have such amazing friends. Truly, I cannot ever express how deeply grateful I am.

Suzanne - LOL. I wonder if he'll be as excited as Katie is at the prospect of being a special helper? LOL. I needed the laugh - thank you! And I, too, am always trying to look at the positive!

Emily Pitts said...

hugs to your family marti. go to the church website, they post jobs that are local to your area somewhere...