Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cautiously Optimistic...

Tom has an interview on Friday - with a firm that he really likes and with people for whom he has a great amount of respect. Prayers are appreciated.

His interview on Tuesday went ok. He is hoping he doesn't get short-listed though. The job would require him to be out of town (in various parts of Wyoming) for 3 days each week for two years. This is NOT something we want for our family. We may have no option, but I would rather move than have him gone 3 days/week. He has already been gone so much these past several years...I just want him to be home again.

I am getting all ready for our big Olympics Opening Ceremonies party. We always watch the ceremony while eating "food of the hosting country" for dinner that night. I am cheating a little for Canada though - nobody else thought salmon, rice, and blueberries sounded very good. So we are doing Canadian Bacon pizza, Moosehead beer (for the adults), and Beaver Tails (crisp cinnamon/sugar pastries). Beaver Tails are a traditional canadian dessert, according to the nice couple seated next to me on my flight home from Santa Barbara in November. I cornered them when I found out they were from Canada. They were quite helpful though and told me all about Beaver Tails and how popular they are in Canada.

I will update when we hear about the results of the interview.

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