Friday, January 29, 2010

"Whoa! I wasn't expecting THAT!"

I adore my husband.
Really, really adore him.
I want nothing more than to be in his arms 24/7.
Unfortunately, that isn't possible at this point in our lives.
But, for some odd reason, we aren't very good at being affectionate with one another around the kids.
I'm not sure why.
I didn't even realize that we had failed in this area until I was hugging him in the kitchen on Wednesday night.
That's all.
Just hugging.
In walks Katie.
She jumps and says, "Whoa! I wasn't expecting THAT!".
Yes, she is still only 4.
Not 20.
So, I am on a mission to hug Mr. C a little more often in front of the children.
So that next time, she won't be quite so shocked.
Of course, then she'll probably say, "Eeewwww. Get a Room!". :)

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