Friday, February 06, 2009

My crazy life....

All-in-all, this has been a really good week. It shouldn't have been. Brendan and I have both been sick (he's been much more ill than I have). Tom is gone on business until tonight and I miss him terribly. And I started a new job. Sort-of. Katie's ballet studio needed someone to do their books. All work is done at home on the computer - and it only requires an hour or two each week. Saweeeeet! Of course, any compensation I make from this job will probably go right back to the studio for Katie's dance classes/costumes/etc.

I made pork chops for dinner last night. Brendan's favorite. We have a deal: whenever Tom is gone for business, I make pork chops. Brendan loves them - Tom hates them. It works out well for everyone involved. I had one happy boy last night at dinner.

Tom will be home late this afternoon. Tomorrow we get to go to Denver for the annual Golf Expo. Yippie Skippie. Every year I encourage Tom to go with one of his friends, and every year he insists he wants to go with me. How do you argue with that? Last year we took the kids. They hated it. It was "soooooooo boooooorrrrriiiinnnggg". This year I have arranged for the kids to hang out with their favorite people for the day: Brendan is going to Uncle Don's and Katie is going to stay with Amy. I actually don't mind going with Tom each year. It's nice to have some time with him. Last year, there was a "porn expo" being held next door. Unfortunately, we had the kids so we couldn't attend ;o) . JK. I asked Tom, "What one earth could they possibly be selling that would fill up an entire exhibit hall?". He replied that I would probably be shocked at what they had in there. This year, there is a sewing expo doing on next door. Something I could actually see myself attending.

I have been reading like crazy lately. With everyone being sick, and having such cold weather, I've been housebound. I should've been doing something productive, like cleaning or scrapbooking. But I've been reading instead. I started a new series called The Yada Yada Prayer group. There are 7 books. I am on book 4. I don't think I'll jump right on #5-7 right away. They are becoming somewhat predictable and almost seem cheesy. But they are good, clean reads. Nothing to corrupt my mind.

I'm down 9 lbs. now. I am very happy. I haven't been able to work out much due to being sick myself, or being up with sick kiddos so the loss of another pound this week surprised me.

That is all for now. Life is good. I am blessed. Things are quiet. Just the way I like it.