Tuesday, December 29, 2009

5 Years Old today...

Today would be little Quincey's 5th birthday.
I love that little guy so much.
I wish I could be loving and hugging and snuggling him.
That's all I can say right now.
Because my heart is breaking all over again.
For him and his parents and myself.


Anonymous said...

Awh :'( Don't be sad! Today's a day to celebrate... it's his bithday! :) Because without a birthday... you wouldn't know his story... have him as apart of your life... or be able to love him as much as you do. He's very lucky to be apart of your guys' family... and I'm really glad to be apart of that. I'm certain he knows how much you love and miss him<3 Smile... for him :)

Sheila Vestal said...

Dont know what happened to my first comment. I understand how you feel, he was your first grandchild and our first greatgrandchild. I printed out his picture and look at it often, he was such a beautiful boy and so looked like his dad. You will always think of him and miss him. I loved him and I love all of you so very much.