Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saying Goodbye...

I'm leaving this afternoon to journey to Santa Barbara to say my final good-byes to my Grandmother.
I'm going to Denver tonight, flying to Santa Barbara tomorrow morning, and coming home on Friday.
I am leaving my sweet husband at home to deal with all of the busyness and schedules, and a sick little girl.
I feel guilty, and sad.
Yet excited.
I miss my hometown and I am happy I get to see it again, albeit only for a few days.
I can already smell the ocean and hear the sea.
I can picture the white stucco buildings with their gorgeous tile roofs.
I can feel the laid-back atmosphere.
It will be a bittersweet trip.
But I am going to make the most of it.
I'm going to take a kazillion pictures because I don't know when I'm going back again.
My Dad insists it will be his last trip there.
I want to capture as much of it as I can for him.
My soul is already there.
Hometowns are like that.
Especially when they are as beautiful as Santa Barbara.


Amanda said...

Good for you! Have a good trip!

BDJ said...

You always have a great attitude. Have a great trip. Tell Tom to call me if he needs anything...Aaron and I are always around.

Anonymous said...

I loved this :] I hope you have an amazing time, and see all that your hoping too. Be safe, and wear your seatbelt :]