Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yes, H1N1 (swine flu) has invaded our home. Tom was first, then Bren, then Katie...and I woke up with it this morning. The kids are rebounding well thanks to Tamiflu. My dr. should be phone my rx into the pharmacy today. I. can't. wait. I do not have time to be down like this.

I am leaving you with a few recent pics to tide you over until my return ;oD

Katie polished her own fingernails with her new markers. Lovely shade, isn't it?

Bren and Tom went to the Broncos v. Cleveland Browns game in Sept.

Tom & Sean's birthday dinner: Filet mignon, king crab, lobster, fries, roasted asparagus, saute'd mushrooms, and birthday cake!

Sean and Chloe went to the Broncos v. Dallas Cowboys game on 10/4. Chloe is Sean's girlfriend. She is Katie's pal and our new favorite person. What a sweetheart!!!!!

We got our first big snowstorm this past weekend. Brendan and Katie look heartbroken over it, don't they?!?!

Blessings to you!!! I hope to be back soon!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures Marti, and Katie did a good job on her nails, lol. Love you all. Get feeling better, talk to you later.