Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boy, it has been a crazy month!

Isn't my new blog pretty? My bestest pal, Houston, fixed it up for me. I love it - and her - so much! Thank you, girlie! I seriously don't know what I did without you!!! I wish you didn't live 2 hours away so I could give you a big hug.

Just a quick update so you know that the pneumonia didn't put me down for a permanent "dirt nap" (as Marc calls it).

1. I got really sick after my last post. The scrapbooking day was fabulous, then I woke up the next day without the ability to breathe. Went to HealthReach and was given chest x-rays, breathing treatments, steroids, cough syrup with codeine, and instructions to rest. The meds helped, the rest never happened. ;oD It still took a few weeks to completely recover.

2. Computer got a crazy virus, which required a trip to the computer hospital for 9 very long days. I was lost without it.

3. Marc is in Kodiak (or is it ON Kodiak) until October 20. No phones. I miss him like crazy.

4. School started for both children. Brendan is in 4th Grade and Katie is attending preschool every morning. They are both happy and loving their teachers and classmates.

5. My Grandma is expected to pass away at any moment. She is 97 so one would think I would've prepared better, but I haven't. It has been a rough week, but I am so grateful to have had her love and guidance all these years. She was my stability when I was growing up. I will miss her so very much, but I know she is looking forward to being reunited with my grandfather, who died over 40 years ago. (expect a nice long post on my grandma this week - she was quite a fun lady).

6. Biggest Loser begins again tonight. I need it. I wasn't able to work out when I was sick and I've gained back 8 of my 25 pounds. Grrrrr.

7. The stomach bug is making it's way through our family. Brendan first, and now Tom and I both feel like we're coming down with it. Ick. Ick. Ick. Hopefully Katie doesn't catch it.

That's all for now. It's good to be back. I've missed my blog.


Rose-Anne said...

Thanks marti for your response, it sure did help and prayers are a powerful thing. Here are 2 scrapbooking items i have worked on. I hope to get more done as time permits.
I thought I might add you to my blog list if that is OK.

Marti's World said...

Those are beautiful, Rose-Anne! Thank you for sharing them with me. I am honored that you want to put me on your blog list. Thank you. Prayers will continue to go up for you and your family. Hugs to you, my dear.