Monday, August 10, 2009

Herding Cats...

First, this was my birthday gift from Sean. He ordered me a gorgeous pink arrangement, which included a half-dozen pink roses. He is the golden child this week. Heck, maybe even for the next year. The best part of my day? He was actually on the phone with me when the flowers arrived, and thus heard me burst out crying (a very rare occurrence) when I read the card.

Tom and I were asked to help out with Katie's class during the ballet recital on Saturday night. It. was. hell. Fortunately, she has a small class so we didn't have to wrestle with too many kids, but it was truly like herding little fluffy cats for 4 hours.

This is how they started the night - the opening number. Curled up into little balls of tulle. Oh, how I wish they could've stayed like this for the entire evening. Unfortunately, reality hit soon after.

They were playing just fine for a few minutes. There were blocks and coloring books and stickers...

And don't they look oh-so-cute walking hand-in-hand to the stage? This didn't last either. We spent the following 3 hours trying to placate 5 little girls. There are 8 in her class. One girl didn't want to dance so her parents didn't bring her. One girl left after their first number. And one girl went to the audience with her parents until the finale. We had one mother who came into the green room during intermission. We thought she wanted to come and help. We were wrong. She wanted to lounge about on the sofa and talk to all of her friends on her cell phone for an hour. Whilst her son and daughter ran around the room. This same mother showed up immediately before the girls were supposed to prepare for the finale - and set out an entire 3 course meal from Taco John's. In front of 199 other kids who were also tired and hungry. The mother explained that her daughter needed to eat. Tom politely told her that most parents (most SMART parents) fed their children before the recital. Her reply was that her daughter refused to eat before the show. I am personally going to nominate this particular mother to herd the fluffy kittens during next year's recital. I'm done. We did our time. We're now retired from this sort of thing.

Although, the sight of this little face made it all worth it. She received her first "dozen" roses from her parents. She was so happy. Plus, we have the entire show on DVD so we can actually watch the dance numbers. . . and we have footage to use for the purpose of embarrassing her when she is older. Hehe.

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